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If you are looking for a Chicago real estate attorney, you want to find one with experience and integrity. Attorney Scott Oh of the Law Offices of Scott J. Oh has been providing real estate law services in the greater Chicago area for over 20 years. With a clear understanding of the local markets combined with integrity and honesty, our team can guide you to the right decisions in your commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Experienced Real Estate Attorney in Chicago for Residential and Commercial Needs

As a commercial real estate in Chicago, the Law Offices of Scott J. Oh understands both the commercial and residential real estate markets in the Windy City. For commercial real estate transactions, we assist with negotiations, contracts, leases and sale closings. As a commercial real estate attorney in Chicago, Scott Oh knows the dynamic of the local markets well, and can help guide you to success.

In addition, we also provide services to condominium owners. One area where a legal expert is often needed is in condominium conversion. Converting a condominium from a single owner to multiple owners is a complex real estate transaction, and Attorney Scott Oh can assist property owners in making this transition a smooth one.

Finally, the Law Offices of Scott J. Oh provides real estate litigation, eviction and closing services to residential customers, including services for landlords and tenants. Whether you are buying a home, are looking to rent in Chicago or are a landlord who needs assistance dealing with a difficult tenant, you can trust our experienced real estate litigation team.

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Are you facing a real estate need in the near future? If you are navigating the Chicago real estate markets, partner with the Law Offices of Scott J. Oh for the services of a skilled real estate attorney. Give us a call to schedule a consultation to discuss your real estate goals today.

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