Chicago Tax & Audit Attorney

Receiving notice of an IRS audit can be a daunting experience. You need a competent, skilled tax defense attorney by your side who has years of experience dealing and negotiating with IRS agents. The Law Offices of Scott J. Oh can assist you with identifying the sensitive issues on your tax return that may have triggered an audit. Never face an IRS or state audit alone.

Chicago Tax & Audit Defense Attorney

In a federal audit, you have the burden of proving or substantiating the income, credits, and deductions taken on your tax return. This makes an IRS audit especially stressful, complex, and sensitive.  Attorney Scott J. Oh has the experience with tax and audit defense that you need. If you are facing a state audit, he can assist you with navigating the process and provide you with aggressive state tax audit defense.

Illinois Tax Lawyer Defends Audits

As a taxpayer, you should not ignore any notice sent by state or federal tax agencies, and you should never ignore notice of an IRS audit. Ignoring a notice can result is very negative consequences for a taxpayer. For example, the IRS or state agency frequently will send a “notice of proposed assessment” with an arbitrary proposed increase in your tax liability. If you continue to ignore the taxing agency, you will ultimately receive a notice of deficiency, which is also known as the 90-day letter. The failure to respond in a timely way to the 90-day letter will result in the actual assessment of the arbitrary proposed tax liability against you, and the IRS or state agency will then begin collection activities.

If you are facing a tax audit, do not delay! Contact the Law Offices of Scott J. Oh immediately for a complimentary consultation. The IRS and state of Illinois taxing agency will not be neutral, and you need a tax defense lawyer to defend your rights throughout the entire process.

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